Add dimension
to your career.

Make Stuff

Productivity is measured in output and impact, not hours. We do our best to keep things simple: there's only one team meeting a week, so you can spend your time at work actually working, and your time away from the office actually living. If you're self-motivated and a tinkerer at heart, you'll thrive here.

Learn Stuff

Our relaxed environment is the perfect launchpad for getting out of your comfort zone. Exploratory research is encouraged: we value flexibility and eagerness to learn over familiarity with our existing stack. For each job, the right tool, even if we need to learn how to wield it.

Our company doesn't live or die by our ability to go viral or collect millions of user accounts. Instead, our value comes from our unique combination of technologies in providing simple, novel, functional three-dimensional experiences. No follow buttons, no exit strategies: we're here to solve hard technical problems and to create massive value for our customers.

Floored is loosely organized into four teams.

  • An illustration of a Men's tie.


    Sales, business development, customer relations, strategy, and support.

  • An illustration of a web browser displaying a space in 3D.


    Web development, WebGL architecture, data pipeline, and UX & graphic design.

  • An illustration of a human brain.

    R & D

    Computer vision, image processing, 3D reconstruction, and hardware hacking.

  • An illustration of a building partially chiseled from a block of stone.


    3D modeling, texturing, on-premise 3D scanning, and HDR photography.

Awesome technology

Experiment with tomorrow's hardware and software to build solutions to brand-new problems. From the latest in laser scanning and depth sensing, to algorithms sourced from the bleeding edge of academia, we keep it futuristic around the office.


  • Rest Insured

    Top-of-the-line health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family.

  • Unlimited vacation

    We really, really appreciate the value of recharging away from work. That's why we don't count vacation days. Take as many as you need and come back ready to contribute.

  • Feel better

    If you're sick, the last thing you need is a hassle. We don't count sick days either; just let your team know you're staying home. We might even send you chicken soup.

  • Competitive salary

    We offer generous equity grants and the paycheck you expect from a venture-backed startup.

  • Flexible schedule

    Set your own hours. Need to sign for a package, or wait out the cable guy? Work remotely as needed.

  • Diversion Days

    On Fridays, spend the day exploring a side project related to Floored.

  • The setup

    We'll provide all the gear you need (and love) to work with.

  • A 3D Scan

    We even throw in a free scan of your home, or another place you love.

The Office

Our office is relaxed when you're working and lively when you're not. Everyone gets a massive desk, adjustable for sitting or standing. There's a hackers' studio, complete with a circular saw, drill press, and soldering station. There's a Nap Room.

And of course, the kitchen is stocked with the best — our favorites include Kind bars, seaweed snacks, and these awesome little Swiss chocolate-covered wafers. On Fridays, we have bagels and lox in the morning, and beer at 5 o'clock on the dot. And twice a week, we have free team meals, catered by our favorite local restaurants.


We work from the New York City's Flatiron District. We're around the corner from some of Manhattan's best restaurants, bars, venues, and shopping — including the original Shake Shack — and we're just far enough removed from the tourist swarms.


No more K-cups. We buy raw beans and roast them every morning, right in the office kitchen. We use them to pull perfect espresso shots and to cold brew delicious iced coffee.

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